Jona Ryan


Enjoying a natural bond that brings horses and humans together is my passion. With the experience of 20 years mastering communication with horses. I am pleased to share my experience and knowledge. I have gained while traveling and attending several workshops. I have become certified in Equine Assisted Learning / Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. This has allowed me to reach out and assemble a team of individuals who can help assist my clients. My ultimate goal is to take each client on their own journey. Communicating with the horse , while finding their strengths in natural horsemanship. Horses offer unconditional love and support without judgment. For me this is my get away to heal, and I can not wait to share the experience you. The goal is to help you lead a more authentic and fulfilled life.

Brittany Ryan

Barn Manager/Instructor/Trail Guide

Barn manager and life-long horse lover! Specializing in natural horsemanship lessons and cultivating a respectful relationship with horses. I am passionate about taking the natural approach in communicating with horses. I have many years of experience in leading scenic trail rides in the heart of Daniel Boone country. My horse, Sweet Pea, and I share a special bond, and we are inseparable. Call for reservations/information on natural horsemanship clinics, trails, & lessons - (859)771-9997

Jack Ott

Trail Guide/Trainer

I have been fortunate to learn and work with Monty Roberts. I have loved and enjoyed riding and training horses for over 45 years. My objective with horse training is to end up with a soft, calm, dependable horse that will willingly do what we ask. Horses are almost always eager to please if they understand what we want, and provide them with dependable leadership. Call for for reservations, clinics, and more information - (859) 494-2266.